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With globally experienced practitioners, Acrometis assists organisations in developing efficient and effective operating models aligned with strategic and business objectives, maximising value creation.

How we can help

Operational performance transformation

  • Developing leading-edge methodologies to drive cost efficiency and enhance operational performance
  • Enabling organisations to deliver purpose driven change and performance improvement
  • Guiding leaders through the transformation journey to deliver exceptional business performance results
  • Optimising integrated organisational delivery

Strategic planning and implementation

  • Helping companies to identify impactful operational strategies
  • Clarifying long-range vision and goals, translating these into strategies and actions

Our focus and proven experience is on sustainably improving operational performance to safely build a stronger, more competitive business.

What we do

Acrometis enables you to achieve sustainable operational and commercial performance improvement

  • Sustainable
    • improve safety and asset integrity
    • long-term, verifiable and repeatable performance
    • new critical behaviours and mindset through culture change
  • Operational performance¬†
    • identify all the elements of your business that need to combine differently to deliver exceptional results
    • embed the attitudes that enable your management team and organisation to deliver sustainable performance
  • Commercial performance¬†
    • put free cash flow at the heart of the operating model - we highlight it as a critical measure of success alongside operational metrics
    • embed a culture of commercial focus within operational leaders' mindset - we place ownership of commercial implications of operational decision with local management

How we do it

We believe culture and behaviours are at the heart of performance transformation.

We understand the current and desired strategic dimensions of your organisation.

We focus on four areas to enable the organisation creating a new operating model:

  • Leadership
  • Governance
  • Performance Management
  • Organisation

We identify a range of tactical interventions based on experience and learning that deliver performance improvement clearly linked to supporting and embedding the new operating model.

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