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Whether acquiring an operated or non-operated position our practitioner teams ensure value protection through the ownership transition and position our clients for success.

Our range of practitioner capability and agile approach enables us to easily adapt to suit our clients needs. We can offer capacity support, management coaching & consultancy, transition leadership & delivery and interim management teams.

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Our approach uses the Acrometis model as the backbone for the transition with a number of typical steps:

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Transition planning and roadmap

We plan the transition tailored to the deal with the right balance of value and risk.

Value creation

Using the Acrometis model, we gain a deep understanding of the current context and define future ambition. Then develop practical changes to empower sustainable transformation and value delivery, enabled by the transaction.

Aligned operating model

Align the operating model, people, and culture to deliver the strategy and achieve the ambition.

Sound processes and systems

Install sound business processes and systems for Day 1 and beyond.

Organisational capability

Ensure the key enablers to success are in place, Leadership, Governance, Performance Management and Organsation.

Forward-looking approach

Make key decisions with a forward-looking approach that sets our clients up for success and  addresses risks before they happen.