An entrepreneurial approach to managing tenders
When a leading E&P company was preparing to go to market with a significant Duty Holder-type outsourcing contract, they turned to us to provide the expertise they didn’t have internally.

Objective - To manage the tendering process
Managing a tendering process and evaluating options requires a cross-section of expertise from both sides of the sector. With an outsourcing contract worth £700 million, our client recognised the need for specialist support from a team with hands-on experience.

Solution - Comprehensive management with a focus on value
We deployed a team of practitioners with extensive experience in major contract exercises – and, significantly, in negotiation and maximising value.
Our team managed all market interfaces and:

• Developing and documenting a contracting strategy
• Establishing a schedule and milestones
• Defining the scope for inclusion in RFP documentation
• Building an RFP package for bidders
• Defining the bid list
• Creating a simple remuneration model based on payment for outcomes

• Defining the evaluation and selection criteria
• Managing the RFP process and comms with bidders
• Clarifying requirements as necessary
• Evaluating bids and making recommendations
• Managing legal, environmental and HR discussions

Outcomes - Enabling a step-change in asset performance
Our Request For Proposal pack was recognised by the market as a comprehensive and of high-quality. However, most importantly, it led to a informed, robust proposals for our client.
Our management of the tender process fostered trusting relationships with bidders, underpinning the successful execution of the Duty Holder-type contract.