Seizing the opportunity for organisational transformation
When a small Middle East-focused E&P company was in the pre-concept phase of a new gas plant, we provided the operational expertise required to choose the most effective and impactful philosophy.

Objective - To define what constitutes the ‘right’ design concept
Our client already understood that they were faced with an opportunity to transform the company and set the foundation for future success. However, a lack of internal capability and capacity made external support essential.
We were asked to provide operations capability and assist in delivery of the most effective design concept and operating philosophy – something that would become key to success.

Solution - Valuable advice and proven expertise
With operations, maintenance and asset management experience, our team of practitioners became a source of advice for the project team.
Working in close partnership with our client, we created a philosophy that defined how the asset, reservoir to sales, would be safely operated and maintained.
Our Operations & Maintenance philosophy covered:
• Operational objectives, targets and responsibilities
• An operations, maintenance and inspection strategy
• Well and reservoir monitoring and production programming
• Locations, logistics and infrastructure
• Manning and organisational consequences

Outcomes - Facilities optimised for high quality and operational readiness
Based on our philosophy, our client was able to move forward with the development with an operational phase approach that boasted:
• A strong safety and environmental protection culture
• Full compliance with company standards and local regulations
• Reliable operations
• Maintenance based on long-term policies
• High participation of local human resources
• A focus on developing local suppliers
We also represented our client with the local government, demonstrating high-quality operational input and assuring authorities of future operational excellence.